Fictionite started with a desire to discover the true evolution of digital storytelling. And that desire still drives us. Since the dawning of time, humans have entertained each other with story. With each new major technological advancement, storytelling has evolved. Written narrative started with cave drawings. Stone tablets gave way to animal hides and then paper. Some stuff happened. The printing press gave us commercial books. More stuff happened. Finally, Al Gore invented the internet, and ebooks were born.

Believe it or not, digital storytelling isn’t going to stop there. Publishing has become instant. We want our content streaming. We want it curated for us, and we want it search engine optimized.

Writers can now create content specifically for their readers. Readers can interact with their favorite writers. Readers can become writers. Writers can collaborate to write better content faster, and readers can come back to their favorite storyverses over and over and over. The written word sparks the imagination and develops the mind in a truly unique manner—one that can’t be replaced by immersive technologies that do too much of the work for you. At the same time, we at Fictionite don’t accept the idea that the print book can’t be improved. The print book was itself an improvement.

We invite you to join us in discovering what's next.